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Girls Chat Dating: Tips


Girls Chat Dating Tips

GIRLS CHAT DATING – A recent study conducted by Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that 80 percent of people on Girls Chat Dating sites lie about certain characteristics.

There is a lie about the length, the weight but also about the age. That is not the only thing that is being lied about. There are more things that people do not always tell the truth about.

These are the things the Girls Chat Dating single is lying about and how you find out whether it is a lie or not.

  • Length

There is a lot of lying about the length. For one reason or another, everyone wants to be bigger. Especially small men make themselves longer by filling in a different length.

It is usually only a few centimeters, but it gives them just a little more chance in women who are several centimeters taller. In the conversations, ask for the length to see if this matches the profile.

  • Weight

Men and women who have a higher than average weight often lies about it on Girls Chat Dating sites. When it comes to obesity, the weight is often not mentioned at all.

If you find someone who is overweight unattractive, then this is one against which you have to pay attention. After all, slim people often have no problems with filling in the weight on Girls Chat Dating websites, they often even like to do so.

On a photo you cannot see everything because often the best photos are chosen, usually, a photo that does not show the excess weight. Ask for clear photos that show the entire body if you have doubts about the weight.

  • Age

Nobody likes to get older, but this does not entitle you to lie. Age is something that many people lie about. This happens to young people who want to appear older but more often in people over the age of 40 who want to have a chance with younger people in their twenties.

Ask specific questions about study, hobbies and other topics that help you better assess how old the person is and whether there is a lie about age. Lying about age is not smart; this often becomes clear quickly during a date.

  • Relation status

The fact that someone is on a Girls Chat Dating site does not mean that the person is single while this is stated in the profile. Some people are looking for a second partner, an affair, or are in an open relationship.

These people are emotionally unavailable to a relationship, no matter how good you do your best and how unfortunate you find it. Are you in doubt? Ask the person for the full name and check on Facebook if the person is single.

  • Job

The Director of a company?  This can be a serious person with a lot of work experience on Girls Chat Dating sites, but it is also possible that the person has just done the KVK registration and starts from an attic room with a nice idea.

There are a lot of people outside of the position who make the job description more beautiful to impress. Compare, for example, the job name seller with account manager; two job descriptions that can mean the same job while the one sounds much more interesting than the other.

Ask if the person wants to tell more about the position and the company to get a good picture of the work the person is doing.

  • Intentions

The fact that someone is active on a Girls Chat Dating site does not immediately mean that the person is looking for a relationship. For example, many men are looking for a one-night stand but say they have signed up with a serious relationship as their goal.

It works better to deceive someone with a lie than to speak the truth. Communicate clearly what you want and what you are looking for to avoid having a broken heart.

Although it is difficult to find out the true intentions of the person, your intuition is the most important. Does not it feel right? Then it is often not good.





Then How Do You Prevents scam in Girls Chat Dating?

Scams are more common than you think, specially on Girls Chat Dating websites. Although the Girls Chat Dating sites do a lot to keep it as safe as possible, the risk is always present.

Most people have the best for you, but there are also people who are only members to lead people around the garden. The goal of these people is your money.


They try to take your money off in a lot of tricky ways. Do not be fooled. Before you start dating, it is wise to read the following.

  • View profile

View the person’s profile well. If you look at the profile and see that certain things do not match what the person says, this is a clear hint. Break the contact immediately if you notice that the person is not honest or is lying.

By asking questions in the Girls Chat Dating, you can find out whether the person is real or not. Compare the answers the person gives with the profile text.

If, for example, the person in the profile says he likes to travel and indicates in the chat that he hates travelling, you know something is wrong.

  • Pathetic stories

The most common ways in which people get scammed during Girls Chat Dating is through the use of pathetic stories.

Through these pathetic stories, they try to respond to your feelings so that you get pity. What these people often want is that you help them by transferring money.

Do not step into it. If people start too quickly with these kinds of stories, then take a step back and look for someone else. In fact, you can almost always assume that someone who asks you for money on a Girls Chat Dating site is a scammer.

  • Basic information

If you are chatting with a person on Girls Chat Dating, always ask questions about the person. You want to know what kind of work the person does, what age and where the person lives.

With these answers, you immediately have essential information. Try to find the person on the internet. A real person is usually quickly found via search engines or Facebook.

If you know what kind of work someone is doing and you have a first name, you can go even further by just looking for LinkedIn. If you cannot find the person on the internet in any way, this does not immediately mean that it is a fake profile. However, it is wise to proceed cautiously.

  • Long distance

If you speak to someone who lives at a considerable distance, it is essential to be careful. Now it is probably not strange when you are talking to someone on the other side of the Netherlands, but if the person lives somewhere in Asia, it will be entirely different.

These people can ask you for money on Girls Chat Dating websites, later so that you can meet each other. If the money is transferred, then you hear nothing or bad excuses why the trip did not go through.

They may even ask for more money. Be careful with people living outside your province.




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