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June 29, 2017
Things to keep in mind while online dating for women
August 2, 2017
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Gone are the days when people meet randomly and start to date each other. Now is the generation of online dating, where people meet each other on online dating websites or social media and date each other online and only then they start to date each other in real.

But as the crowd on these sites is also very large, sometime it get difficult for some people to get a date even online. So, the strategy for online dating, also matter sometimes.

Your profile picture should be good- The first thing anyone check about you online will be your profile picture. Always use the best of your picture. It should not be modified much. Make it as simple as possible. Present your pic in the same way as you are. Don’t rush in putting this picture. Put a smiling pic on your profile picture.

Communication- Always talk very generously to anyone you meet online. This goes for the real life as well. You should have courtesy and professionalism in talking style. But, also remember that show yourself in the way you really are. Apps these days now allow real time chatting like video chatting. Your communication should be at least polite enough that the other person get impressed by your talking style.

Aware of fake profile- There are millions of users of these online dating sites and social media, but there are also thousands of fake profile on these sites. Some people use someone other’s pics as their profile pic and chat with people. After sometime they ask for money to their victims by telling them about some emergency. Also sometimes some stalkers use this fake profile to stalk people. Never give money to the person you are dating online. And also don’t share your home address or work address.

Don’t come as desperate- Sometimes being single frustrate people so much that start show so much interest in the other people that they may seem little desperate. Never do that. Like message continuously, staying online every time, replying instantly, these things can show you as a desperate person.

Use sites according to your interest- there are thousands of dating sites available online. But you must pick a website totally based on your interest.

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