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August 4, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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We are living in a world where everything is based on the technology, and so the way of dating is also changed because of this. Online dating is the new way of finding a date. There are thousands of online dating sites and social media and millions of users using these sites to find a date.

You have millions of option available on these sites but even these many options are sometimes not helpful if you don’t know how and what to talk when you find someone online.

Here are some tips which you can use while chatting online-

  1. Make jokes- Try to crack some jokes when you start to talk someone. It is proved that 90% of people fall for the person who can make anyone laugh. But make sure that your jokes are laughable but at the same time they are sensible and should not involve any racism.
  2. Compliment the person- Everyone likes to hear some compliments. Especially girls like that more than anything. It can involve the compliment about the profile picture of that person, profile and some mentioned hobbies etc.
  3. Make suspense- yes you may create some suspense, which can be helpful in making the person interested in you and your talks. Questions like “May I ask you question?” or “Do you know?” This will make the other person start to think that what you gonna ask or gonna tell him/her.
  4. Don’t copy-paste- Don’t copy paste any question. It can be spotted any once the other person spot it, it will make him/her fell that you are not interested.
  5. Find a common topic to talk- It may help you best in your chat. If you get a common topic on which you both can talk then it will be best. Things like music, music bands, TV series, movies etc, can be the option. With this step the other person also start to think that both of have same taste.
  6. Courage- Yes, you need this thing most. From sending your first  message to asking her/ him a question, you need to be courageous. Don’t let the fear of “if she/he gonna reply?” come in your way.

After all everything depends on the way you talk, so try to make a good impression when you start to chat with a person.




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